Youth Substance Use Priority

All youth in Duluth are substance free


Strategy #1

Share evidence-based, factual information with community
stakeholders that informs public policy decisions at the state and local level
(may include topics such as T21, flavored tobacco, smoke-free environments, etc.)

Action steps:

  1. Coalition-building and engagement of new partners
  2. Implementation and enforcement of local and state level policies

Strategy #2

Implement a broad-based education campaign including mass
media, school-based, and peer-based education

Action steps:

  1. Engage and train partners to expand reach (athletic directors, teachers, landlords, youth leaders, etc.)
  2. Create educational materials to include videos, print documents, and podcasts, etc.

Strategy #3

Promote/enhance youth-based tobacco cessation interventions and resources

Action steps:

  1. Develop treatment guidelines for pediatric patients
  2. Promote youth-based resources through the community partners

Action Teams

Vaping Education

This team is working to reduce vaping and e-cigarette use among
teens. They’re sharing the Don’t
Blow It campaign and developing a peer education program.

Community Partners

  • American Lung Association
  • Duluth East High School


Amanda Casady, Essentia Health

Vaping PSA

This team created a public service announcement (PSA) encouraging parents to talk to their kids about vaping.

Community Partners

  • KBJR6
  • American Lung Association


Sara Bumgardner, St. Louis County Public Health

Get Involved!

Join an action team by contacting Josh Gorham at gorhamj@stlouiscountymn.gov or send us a message through our contact form.

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