Mental Health Priority

Youth and adults in Duluth experience mental well-being and resilience


Strategy #1

Support safe care transitions and create organizational linkages (formal referral protocol, rapid referrals, interagency agreements, follow-up contacts)

Action steps:

  1. Support the Clarity Project – service integration workgroup
  2. Explore, define, and support senior companion programs

Strategy #2

Improve response to individuals in crisis (hotlines, mobile crisis teams, walk in crisis clinics, peer-support programs)

Action steps:

  1. Support the Clarity Project – service integration workgroup
  2. Implement mental health first aid training through Northland Healthy Minds
  3. Promote the crisis lines through social media
  4. Utilize the Bridging Health North website to disseminate free mental health resources
  5. Promote and organize programs that reduce stigma in a culturally sensitive manner

Strategy #3

Adopt trauma-informed care models in schools and health care

Action steps:

  1. Engage and support ISD 709 and other schools about their work, plans, and needs
  2. Catalog resources and make available to interested organizations
  3. Network and connect interested organizations with resources

Action Teams

Trauma Informed Community

Traumatic life experiences can lead to poorer long-term health. This team is working to make Duluth more informed and responsive to trauma.

Community Partners

  • Program for Aid to Victims of Sexual Assault (PAVSA)
  • Safe Haven
  • UMN Extension
  • Duluth Public Schools


Josh Goram, St. Louis County Public Health

Mental Health PSA

This team created a public service announcement (PSA) encouraging people to reach out for support.

Community Partners

  • KBJR6
  • Northland Healthy Minds
  • Recovery Alliance Duluth


Sara Bumgardner, St. Louis County Public Health

Get Involved!

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