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Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) and Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP)

Every three years, Bridging Health Duluth conducts a Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) to systematically identify, analyze and prioritize community health needs. Bridging Heath Duluth seeks out and brings together individuals and organizations who are interested in positively impacting the priority areas identified in the CHNA. Strategies developed to address the priority areas are documented in a Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP). We believe through collaboration and complementary initiatives, we will have the greatest positive impact on the health of Duluthians.

2023-2025 Community Health Needs Assessment and Community Health Implementation Plan

2023 Bridging Health Duluth Annual Meeting Materials

Past Reports and Events

Identification of Priority Areas and Strategies

Analysis of Lived Experience Stories from Historically Marginalized Communities

During the fall of 2021, the CHNA Action Team conducted a community input survey to gather feedback on the most important health issues in the community. The process was chosen as an alternative to formal in-person focus groups due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Increasing the diverse demographic makeup of the survey respondents was a key priority for this CHNA process. Additionally, a virtual meeting was held to review the health data and invite people to provide feedback on the priorities.

To develop the implementation plan, a Results Based Accountability (RBA) framework was used. RBA uses a data-driven, decision-making process to help communities and organizations go beyond talking about problems to take action to solve problems. Community members and partners were actively involved, not just in setting priorities, but also in designing solutions. The resulting Community Health Implementation Plan (CHIP) will guide the coalition’s activities for the next three years.